Why Am I Not Getting Enough Hot Water?

t’s difficult to enjoy a shower after work when you’re just not getting any hot water. This can be especially jarring if your household depends on hot water for a lot, which many do! If you notice that there isn’t enough hot water for your shower, laundry, or even dish washing routine, you may be wondering, what gives? If you are not getting enough hot water to complete your daily activities, it can come down to a lot of things. Some of the reasons you may not be getting enough hot water include:


Sediment Buildup

Over time, your water heater may have a sediment buildup. This buildup occurs when minerals accumulate at the bottom of a water heater tank, which then prevents water from being heated up properly. When it comes to sediment buildup, draining the tank can help do away with it.

Issue with Thermostat

If you are not getting enough hot water to shower or do other chores, it may also come down to an issue with your water heater’s thermostat. You may just have to turn the thermostat up (but don’t let the temperature exceed 140 degrees). However, if you’ve turned your thermostat up and hot water is still not coming out, then you may need a plumber to inspect the thermostat.


If you find that you never have enough hot water, there may not be any hot water in your water heater tank due to leaking. You never want to leave a water heater tank working without a drop of water! This is a hit to energy efficiency in your household plumber in Los Angeles.

Tank Size

If your household has grown since you first installed your water heater, there may not be enough water to fit the needs for all your household members. Finding yourself without hot water by the time it’s your time to shower or do laundry may just signal the need for a bigger water heater tank with a capacity for more water to accommodate your family.

Water Heater Burner

Not having enough hot water may mean something is wrong with the burner of your water heater. Check to see the burner’s flame, which should be bright blue with the tip of the flame sporting a tinge of yellow. If your burner flame is not the right color, it could mean there is inefficient combustion, which also affects the temperature of your water. In this case, you’re going to have to contact a professional to see what the best solution would be for you.

Contact an Eagle Rock Plumber Today!

If your water heater woes aren’t getting any better, a reliable plumbing technician may have the right solutions for you. For an San Marino Plumberthat will provide expert services and answer all your water heater inquiries, contact Performance Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning now! Once your water heater is fixed and back to stable working condition, you can go back to what matters most in your household.

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