Does Heat Affect My Plumbing?

When the temperature starts to rise, it may seem like everything is affected by heat. Does heat affect your plumbing? Many homeowners are curious about this, so we will explore the answer to this below!

Warm Weather & Your Plumbing

It has actually been noted that extreme heat can affect your plumbing. This is due to a variety of factors! Heat can cause your plumbing pipes to expand further, which can lead to leaks or breaks in piping if the plumbing system is very old. Along with hot weather comes excess water usage, which can push your plumbing much more as well.


Extreme heat waves can also lead to the loosening of soil. When the soil settles, there are often cracks in concrete and water or sewer pipes. These leaks can lead to a lot of wasted water, so it is always key to keep an eye out for signs of a leak so you can get a plumbing professional on the job as soon as possible.


UV Damaged Pipes- Another reason why extreme heat would damage your pipes is because years of exposure to the sun may weaken or damage plumbing pipes. Though the damage may take some time to develop, pipes that are overexposed to UV rays may become weak and brittle. If you have plumbing that is exposed regularly to the sun, you may want to consider some form of insulation, such as paper insulation.


Tree Roots- Tree roots grow the most in the summer season. Because tree roots gravitate toward water, they may infiltrate your plumbing and cause damage. Seriously backed up or clogged drains can be traced back to tree roots. It is important to get a plumber to address this issue as soon as possible, so your plumbing can be patched up and back to working order.

Signs Of A Leaks

If extreme heat has caused a leak in your home, you may notice some signs, such as:


  • Unusually high water bills
  • Presence of mold or mildew
  • Stained or damaged walls and floors
  • Wet spots
  • Cracks in your foundation


If you notice these signs, the culprit is most likely a leak. Getting this leak addressed by a professional plumber will save you the worry of thinking about your water bills and excessive waste of water your home isn’t even using.

Beat The Heat With Your Plumbing!

When the temperatures climb, you may wonder about the effects of heat on your plumbing. It has been noted that heat can do quite a number on your plumbing, especially in indirect ways, such as stimulating the growth of damaging tree roots. No matter what the problem is with your plumbing, you’ll want to make sure a professional plumber is available to come to your plumbing’s rescue!

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