Does Heat Affect My Car Battery?

As the temperature starts to rise, many vehicle owners may worry about the state of their vehicles. Whether your vehicle is out in the heat or hidden away in your garage, it may be worrisome when temperatures reach extreme highs. One of the questions many car owners ask is whether heat can affect their car battery. Let’s explore this below!

What is a car’s battery?

The role of a car battery is to start your vehicle. A car battery provides the electric jolt needed to get all electrical components of a car to start working and power the vehicle. It is safe to say that a car battery is crucial for a car to function!

Can heat affect my car battery?

Yes, warm temperatures can affect your battery negatively. Hot weather creates hot temperatures under the hood of your vehicle, which can accelerate the corrosion of a car battery. It can also cause water to evaporate out of the battery’s liquid electrolyte, which in turn means a weakened ability to start an engine and a shortened battery life.

How can you tell when your battery is becoming drained from the heat? Some batteries have a window or water level indicator to let vehicle owners know the water level is low. Some batteries are sealed, however.

Taking your car to an auto shop can let a professional auto technician complete a thorough inspection and see if there is anything going on with your battery!

Can I actively prevent my car battery from being affected by heat?

There are a few tips that you can follow to actively work to prevent your battery from being impacted by heat. Try to:


  • Park your vehicle in the shade or garage away from direct sunlight
  • Limit short car trips, as your battery will not have time to fully recharge between these trips and can weaken
  • Do not use electronics, such as the radio, when your car’s engine is turned off
  • Check your battery periodically in its place under the hood. Many car batteries have a protective heat barrier, so you can simply check to make sure it is still in place and nothing has shifted
  • Make sure you have turned off all interior and exterior lights in your vehicle when you exit it

Looking For A Redlands Auto Shop?

Many vehicle owners think that only the cold weather will affect their car battery for the worst, but even high heat can also play a role in affecting a car battery! You can actively work to prevent the heat from playing a role in weakening your battery, and this can include making sure to take your car into a professional auto shop for maintenance and other repair services as needed. Import Automotive is the auto shop that Redlands has trusted with their cars for years. Our auto technicians are always ready to get to work on your vehicle!


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