Can I Replace My Car Key?

hen it comes to our cars, we always want to be precautious. If you’ve lost your car key, it can feel like the end of the world. Especially if you depend on your car to get all your routines done, which many of us do! You may wonder: can I replace my car key? The answer can be simpler than you think! Read below to find out.

Can I Replace My Car Key Without The Original?

Many car owners believe replacing their car key without the original is impossible, but this is actually not the case! Going to a locksmith can be the most budget-friendly way to get your car key replacement. You could also go to a car-dealer, but this may end up costing you much more in terms of price.

When going to a locksmith to seek a car key replacement, it is crucial you bring along this info as well:


  • Model of the car
  • Car make
  • Year
  • Registration
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)- You can find this on the dashboard of the driver’s side or the driver’s door
  • Title
  • Proof of ownership

What Model Of Car Keys Can A Locksmith Help Me With?

Any qualified locksmith should be able to provide you with a key replacement for a number of cars, anywhere from standard vehicles to more luxurious models. A locksmith can also help provide keys for other types of vehicles, such as trucks, motorcycles, and RVs!

Do I Need To Take My Car To The Locksmith For A Key Replacement?

You don’t actually need to take your car to the locksmith when it comes to getting a key replacement. In fact, many professional locksmiths can come to you to perform the service mobile and onsite.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Replacement Key?

If you’ve lost your car key or are eagerly waiting for a replacement key, you won’t have to wait long! Creating a brand-new key for your vehicle can take a locksmith anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes.

What If My Key Was Stolen?

If your car key was stolen, you may be worried about an attempted break-in to your car. Not to worry, an expert locksmith can get to work on replacing your car’s locks and giving you brand-new keys just for them, so you can get back on the road with complete reassurance and peace of mind!


Losing or having your car keys stolen can make you worried about the safety of your vehicle. Not to worry, because working with a Hesperia locksmith or Victorville locksmith can ensure you get the brand-new keys you need specifically for your vehicle. The process of key replacement with a professional locksmith is cheaper than visiting your local dealer, and you can be sure that by providing your vehicle’s key information to your locksmith, you will get a brand-new key that fits your car just right! If your key was stolen, a trusty locksmith can provide lock replacement, too!

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