TV2 2020 Brand Demo Reel

I was approached by some current Kent State University students and faculty about refreshing the identity of the student TV station, TV2 KSU. The student leaders wanted to simplify the look and feel of production and gave me examples of current industry trends that they wanted to incorporate.

Over the course of several months, we developed a new visual identity, logo and graphics package, and worked with our partners at Stephen Arnold Music to add music that worked with the new vision.

Design/Creative Director: David Hrvatin
Ross XPression Build: Ryan Dunn
Studio Build: Dan LeBeau, Tracy Baughman
Music: “360 News & Branding” by Stephen Arnold Music
Announcer: Virgil Dominic
TV2 General Managers: Caty Payette, Clay O'Neal
Kent State Student Media: Kevin Dilley, Susan Kirkman Zake
Software: Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Audition … continua →