NUR Keyboard

Keyboards haven't been changed dramatically since ages. Basically, they are the same typewriters from decades ago connected to our computers - in a smaller size and different materials though. Even the arrangement of characters on your keyboard- QWERTY- was designed in 1868 by the inventor of the typewriter and we still use the same arrangement without questioning it. Does it really make sense?
Now it's the time to write a new chapter in the keyboard history.

NUR (meaning Only in German) is the only keyboard you need. It doesn't matter what's your job and which software you are using, by using NUR you increase your workflow.
For instance, if you are a Graphic Designer and you work with Photoshop, you can download Photoshop keypad from NUR library platform and all the shortcuts will be shown as icons on your keyboard!
Or maybe are you a gamer and want to be faster and more efficient in playing GTA? Download the desired keypad from the NUR platform. Later you can customize your arrangement and you can even upload it to the NUR library and help the other gamers.
NUR is designed to increase efficiency and workflow for all the professions, also the daily routine like email writing. Instead of QWERTY arrangement, now you can use ABCDEF arrangement. you can simply toggle through software keypads by touching the icons of software on the keyboard. Don't worry about the cold touch of the screen, the haptic feedback conveys the feeling of old days in a modern way.
NUR framed with a minimalistic aluminum, designed to blend in the environment.

Designed by: Sam Antiqechian … continua →