Beauty is eternal. Perfection, symmetry, proportion. It is harmony.
In this way Plato defines beauty, leaving no room for the real world, in which the platonic trinity of goodness, truth and beauty coexists with the infernal trio of malice, falsehood and ugliness.
Beauty is not something you like or dislike, it is something that strikes your attention, that is made to be noticed.
In his works, Francis Bacon aims to tear beauty apart, to create a visual shock, and yet they draw your attention: “Beauty will be convulsive or will not be at all.”
“Convergences” describes the cyclical pattern leading from birth to maturity to death of a female body. The works of great artists who sought formal and compositional perfection are mixed, merged and fractured with those of artists who preferred to adopt a rough language, who believed beauty does not come cheaply, nor it is easy or accessible, otherwise deceptive. Locking rhythms to the Fibonacci sequence, ultimate symbol of beauty and perfection, in a dogged crescendo as if to mark the way into decline. But this is not the end. It is a fresh start. … continua →